Rogue salesmen warning

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ROGUE door-to-door traders offering poor quality asphalt work are following behind genuine Warwickshire County Council contractors, the Trading Standards Service is warning.

Genuine council contractors carrying out legitimate road repair work have reported being trailed by rogue gangs, who then go on to door knock householders and claim to be working for the Council. These rogue gangs usually claim the asphalt is “left over” and offer the resident or business the opportunity to have their driveway resurfaced for a cheap price. A statement from Warwickshire County Council said: “These rogue traders are very friendly and plausible, but work is generally carried out to a very poor standard.

“‘Left over asphalt’ has usually started to set, so trying to lay it at this stage will give a dry and crumbly finish. Householders often report their drive surface has started to crumble or crack and weeds begun to appear within a couple of weeks.”

Although seeming like a cheap way of getting a new driveway, the price is often higher than the householder was quoted. Rogues generally demand cash payment and offer no guarantee or receipt. For more information visit: