Royal Mail posties solve puzzle of Olivia delivery

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ROYAL MAIl staff in Rugby have gone beyond the call of duty to keep Hillmorton amputee Olivia Porter posted.

Workers at the Mill Road sorting depot received two letters of support addressed to just ‘Olivia of Hillmorton’.

They were for the ten-year-old who has been told by the DWP she is not disabled enough to receive benefits.

Olivia, who has lived with aunt Sheryl Robertson since her mother died from cervical cancer, has been told she will be stripped of her £300 a month Disability Living Allowance.

She nearly died from meningitis and lost a leg and the use of one of her arms because of the disease.

Sheryl has been campaigning to get the decision overturned since she was dealt the devastating blow.

Postwoman Kim Ingle contacted the Advertiser as soon as she received the letters.

She said: “I was very surprised to see the letters with no address.

“I was more than happy to help them get to Olivia, it’s all part of my job.”