Rugby Advertiser reporter Lucie Green is put through her paces

Advertiser reporter Lucie Green has decided to take on the tough challenge of getting fit in just six weeks.

In order to keep her motivated, Lucie has bravely chosen to document her fitness journey in public, and is being supported all the way by her personal trainer Karl Fraser.

Personal trainer Karl Fraser is helping Advertiser reporter Lucie Green get fit in six weeks

Personal trainer Karl Fraser is helping Advertiser reporter Lucie Green get fit in six weeks

Karl was a Paratrooper and certainly knows his way around a circuit.

He now runs a fitness group in Rugby called Airborne Fit with a fellow Paratrooper and offers bootcamp classes, personal training sessions and nutritional advice.

Lucie and Karl have designed a personal programme to fit around her daughter, full time job and busy schedule.

The duo will be working out at Pure Weight Gym, Rugby, which offers a wide range of equipment.

Here’s the first entry of Lucie’s fitness blog...

“Going from a slick size 12 to a not-so-sweet 16 in the space of a few years is easily done when you have a baby - and a big appetite for wine.

But a mum can only hear so much of her six year old daughter comparing her tummy to a plate of jelly.

The defining moment was when I was in the shower.

“Wow, mummy, your bum’s the size of the moon.”


So, just one more glass (OK, OK, bottle) of wine and it was time to call in the big guns.

Personal trainer Karl Fraser runs Airborne Fit in Rugby, with classes also taking place in Southam.

He runs a bootcamp at Bilton School and helps people turn their lives around.

It’s not easy, being told to run around a field twice, being made to stop momentarily to do squats, lunges and other painful sounding positions.

But if it doesn’t challenge you - it doesn’t change you - and I’m already seeing the changes.

I suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which doesn’t help when it comes to weight loss.

Anxiety and panic attacks can - at times - cripple me.

But sticking to food with slow release sugars, drinking lots of water, laying off the booze and sticking with the exercise is paying off.

I’m sleeping better, my moods are more balanced and I’m feeling happy and positive.

I’ve got to say, I’m proud of me. I like this me.

I’m reaching for the stars with my goals...and who week my bum might not be as big as the moon.”

For more information about Airborne Fit’s services visit