Rugby appeal to save life of young Chinese pup

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A teacher from Kites Hardwick is raising money to save a puppy from death in China.

Madison Plantier bought Quinn for £4 from a market earlier this year and needs £2,000 to bring her home.

She said: “When I first came to China in 2009, my eyes were somewhat blinkered by the excitement and beauty of the cultural disparity between myself and the Chinese.

“I returned to China to work as a fully qualified, paid spoken English teacher in the small city of Yongzhou, in Hunan Province. The rose tinted glasses through which I once viewed China are now gone. Beautiful and culturally enriched though this country is, there are many darker facets to the country that cannot be ignored. Namely, the treatment of animals.”

She said animals are bred and stored in horrific conditions before being killed in inhumane and unconscionable ways.

“As I walked through a market one day a saw a cage full of shivering, tiny puppies.

“I asked the vendor what the puppies were for and he told me that, if I bought one from him, after three or five years the meat would be good.”

Quinn was riddled with fleas and absolutely filthy when Madison took her home.

“She was malnourished and so full of worms that it has taken three aggressive worming treatments to rid her of them,” said Madison.

Quinn is now thriving, full of energy and loves playing with her toys.

“My aim is to bring Quinn back to the UK as an ambassador for her cause,” said Madison.

“Every day, dogs are being slaughtered for their meat in unthinkable ways.

“We have set up a campaign to raise awareness about Quinn and food dogs, as well as other suffering animals, across the country called ‘Friend Not Food’. Friends and family members are putting out tins in the area to raise funds. Madison said: “One courageous little girl called Bunty Garland even approached her headmistress and all of her teachers to ask if she could hold a bake sale for Quinn.

“She then spent her whole weekend baking cakes for the sale.”

Her mother Jessica said: “We are all working hard to get this puppy to England.”

Donations can be dropped in to the Rugby Advertiser, 2, Albert Street, Rugby.