Rugby artists take on each others’ lives

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Rugby Artists’ Group’s latest project, The Muses Project, gives a fascinating insight into how people perceive each other.

The 150 works that resulted from the project will be on display at Rugby School’s Lewis Gallery from Monday until October 20. They were created after 13 artists spent a year asking each other in-depth questions and responding to each other’s quirks and nuances artistically.

Marion Reed, of Rugby Artists’ Group, said: “The group each filled in a questionnaire about their lives past and present, likes and dislikes, with humour and drama along the way.

“Each month we exchanged the forms and became ‘the muse’ for the next person. We limited our time to one day only to create a piece of work in response to the information, although we allowed research time.

“The resulting pieces in paint, ceramic and multimedia are full of variety and interest reflecting the artists and the inspiration from the muse.”

Among the 13 artists included in the Muses Project include Margarita Rubra, Laurence Tilley and Teresa Wells.

Currently showing at the Lewis Gallery are works by one of Britain’s foremost portrait painters, John Devane.

The Fragments of Truth, which showcases paintings by John Devane, runs at the Lewis Gallery until October 4.

Devane is a current runner-up of the BP Portrait Award, while his prizewinning painting is still on show at the National Portrait Gallery. This exhibition features his family and domestic life portrayed in striking works.

For more information, contact the gallery on (01788) 556147 from Monday to Friday, from 2pm to 5pm, or email

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