Rugby author releases new book for fans of drama and horror

The cover of Michael's latest book.
The cover of Michael's latest book.

Rugby author Michael Khatkar has released a new book.

In 2013, Michael Khatkar stormed the literary scene with ‘Motivation from a Tortured Mind’, which brought a fresh spin on the stagnant motivation and self-help genre.

Highly-acclaimed for unleashing and motivating readers’ natural ability to evade the menacing threat of desperation and regret, the volume went down as one of its genre’s most compelling new releases.

Khatkar is now back with ‘Tortured Love: A Novel of Life, Death and Hope’. While not a sequel to his debut release, this latest volume exists to explore many of its characters and force readers to face the depths of the human psyche, and its ongoing war between influence and consequence.

Mr Kahtkar said: “Fans of drama, thrillers and horror will revel in the adventure. There’s also a sequel planned that will tear romance, lust and love apart like no other book ever has.”