Rugby author signs books at Matalan

Tracey Forbes, sales manager with Lottie Richmond and Diana Cook.
Tracey Forbes, sales manager with Lottie Richmond and Diana Cook.

Rugby author Diana Cook signed copies of her children’s book at a newly launched store.

She was promoting Harry Hippo’s Hat at Matalan home and clothes store at Junction 1.

The first book in the series is one of 24 poems written by Diana, and the illustrations were done by Victoria Parsons who is Diana’s art class teacher.

Diana originally wrote Harry Hippo for her granddaughter when she was four and had it published as a book in 2000.

Proceeds have been given to the NSPCC and she has been selling it for £1.50.

She said: “The book signing at Matalan came about because I knew the company had been supporting the NSPCC for many years. Fabian Johnson made the arrangements, they were so helpful and it was a really good day.”

Diana was helped by her five year old granddaughter, Lottie.

“I sold 17 books, which was pretty good,” she said.

“A lot of people were interested in the other books which are listed on the back.”

Diana has been invited back on July 11, when she hopes to sell more of Harry Hippo’s Hat, and a new work featuring Harry Hippo.

The author spent £5,000 having the book published and has been busy at book signings and summer fairs.

Now retired, she has two children and eight grandchildren, and spent part of her career working as a co-ordinator for Youth Training Schemes and Job Club.

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