Rugby band Cream Ov Da Crop release album

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MUSICAL collective Cream Ov Da Crop (CODC) have been busy promoting their new album 11/10 (11 out of ten) with a string of live performances.

The Rugby group - which fuse electro, grime and dubstep – have amassed a considerable underground following over the past three years and have notched up more than 1.3 million views on YouTube. Their new album has taken over two years to make and is now available at iTunes, Tesco, Amazon and Spotify.

It was downloaded over 1,100 times within 72 hours of it being released on April 1, after the group initially offered it free on their website. This demand subsequently forced them to change their website’s hosting server after some fans complained on the group’s Facebook page that they had problems successfully downloading a copy.

The group describe their latest offering of “Chase and Status meets Craig David” and are hoping it helps them on their quest to get signed. Since their formation in 2007 the band have performed and featured on radio shows, several live venues and were runners-up in Rugby’s Got Talent 2011. The group’s last release was a free promotional released in 2009 which has so far been downloaded more than 8,000 times.