Rugby barbers back on track after car smashed through its window

Manager Jo Wright said she is ready to welcome customers to Clarkes
Manager Jo Wright said she is ready to welcome customers to Clarkes

A barbershop is back on its feet after a car smashed into the front of the building in its first few months on business.

Clarkes Barbers, in Hillmorton Road, Rugby, has made a speedy but expensive recovery after a car ploughed through its window on June 28, causing structural damage to the building.

The incident happened around 5am and fortunately the shop was empty at the time.

Clarkes, owned by Ashley Roberts, opened in February and manager Jo Wright said she was initially concerned the business would struggle to pick itself up.

But after closing for three weeks to allow for building repairs - costing around £20,000 - the barbershop has re-opened and is ready to welcome customers.

“I was so shocked when the landlord called me and told me what happened,” Jo said.

“We had only been open for a few months so I was worried about people going elsewhere while we closed for repair work, but it turns out that even in a short period of time we had managed to build a relationship with some loyal customers who waited for us to get back on track which was really nice.

“It was a such a hassle to get everything sorted but I suppose there’s always something!”

Jo said she hoped drivers would see what had happened as a reminder to be careful.

“I’ve seen three accidents on this stretch of road in my short time here so drivers need to be aware of what’s around them and be very careful,” she said.

“They should slow down and be mindful that a lot of people are going in and out of the shops along Hillmorton Road.”

The shop is open from 9am to 6pm.

Visit Clarkes Barbers at 296 Hillmorton Road, Rugby, or visit to find out more about its services.