Rugby Borough Council offers assistance to public sector partners

Craig Humphrey
Craig Humphrey

Rugby Borough Council has offered to work with other organisations across the public sector to help them improve services while reducing costs.

The offer comes after a recent independent review of the council found that the council is a good council that is making things better for residents and has improving services whilst reducing costs.

It also recommended that the council should promote and publicise its many successes.

Cllr Craig Humphrey, Leader of Rugby Borough Council, said: “Different authorities have coped with the recent recession and cuts in public sector spending in different ways, with varying success. Some organisations have coped well and have not had to make cuts to services, and are sharing their best practice. Others however are struggling and looking outside of their own organisation for ideas, and I’m hoping that our offer of help will be attractive to them.

“Through our programme of service reviews we have identified substantial savings while making our services far more responsive to the needs of our residents and businesses. And by changing how we do things and investing in appropriate technologies we have seen our energy bills reduce year-on-year, even as utility bills go up.

“These are significant achievements, but we know that some other parts of the public sector are struggling. That is why I am inviting officers and elected representatives to come to Rugby and learn from our success. There is no reason why our achievements shouldn’t be replicated in much bigger services, reaping far greater financial savings than ours.”

Rugby Borough Council has frozen its share of the council tax every year for the last four years, and will meet on Tuesday 25 February to set its budget for 2014/15.