Rugby Borough Council sheltered housing review for younger people

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A REVIEW looking at the possibility of lowering the age requirement for sheltered housing in Rugby is underway.

Rugby Borough Council is consulting on a pilot scheme which could see the age limit lowered.

Current tenants initially feared this could mean young people moving in but the council has reassured it means it could be open to ‘younger’ people

Cllr Leigh Hunt, said: “Some of our sheltered housing schemes have become difficult to let, either because they are located in hilly areas, are not close enough to shops or public transport, or because they are difficult to modify to install stair lifts or accommodate wheelchairs. At the same time we have a real shortage of accommodation for younger people, and this review is looking at the possibility of lowering the age requirement of some of our sheltered flats to meet this need. We’re currently part-way through a conversation with our sheltered housing tenants about how a pilot scheme might work, and what ages might be appropriate if we were to reduce the age requirement.”

Schemes that might be affected are:

Lawford Road and Victoria Street

Rounds Gardens

Clifton Road

Deepmore Road

Jackson Road

Featherbed Lane

Lever Road

Coton Road

The council expects to make a decision in December this year.