Rugby borough councillor welcomes refusal of 80 new homes in Wolston

Cllr Howard Roberts who organised the debate
Cllr Howard Roberts who organised the debate

THE decision to reject a second application for houses on land near Priory Lane and School Street in Wolston has been welcomed by Cllr Howard Roberts.

The development would have seen 80 houses built despite objections from Wolston Parish Council.

The application was refused for a second time by Rugby Borough Council’s planning committee on Wednesday last week.

Cllr Roberts said: “I am delighted that we will not be granting permission for the 80 houses in Wolston. I was the only borough councillor to submit an official objection to the development, but I am glad that other councillors agreed with me.

“I feel the people of Rugby should be united in opposing over-zealous development in our town. We should be forcing developers to focus on developing brownfield sites rather than trying to build on beautiful, unspoilt countryside.”

Cllr Roberts is now calling on Bloor Homes, the developer who submitted the application, to offer the land for sale to either local farmers or the Wolston community.

He added@ “It would be wrong for the developer to keep hold of this land, fueling thoughts of a future application and unsettling the village. The community has spoken. It should now be released to local farmers or the community with a stipulation that development will never occur.”