Rugby branch hosts social event for 1,200 people

The volunteers from Rugby
The volunteers from Rugby

Rugby Shree Prajapati Association – a local voluntary organisation – said members were ‘proud and honoured’ to host the annual SPA UK Senior Samela.

The event is a social gathering for the over-60s and took place on June 10.

The event attracted just under 1,200 guests from around the UK Prajapati community, who enjoyed an informative and fun-packed day. A spokesman for the Rugby Shree Prajapati Association (SPA) said: “A key theme of this year’s Seniors Samelan was the awareness of strokes, which affects many within the Asian community.

“Guest speakers included Dr Amit Mistry, a consultant in stroke medicine and Dr Jay Joshi, a former stroke awareness outreach officer. They both gave relevant topic information from their profession and covered the types of strokes, physical effects and support service available to those affected.

“They also covered the NHS campaign on stroke – ACT F.A.S.T – which highlights key warning signs of someone experiencing a stroke.

“The day also included cultural items, such as dance and drama items and enabled the members to socialise together with friends and family.”

Organising the event took Rugby SPA 12 months of preparation and planning.

The Rugby branch provided more than 100 volunteers (pictured above) who helped with activities such as marshalling, preparing and serving breakfast and lunch for just under 1,200 people and assisting the elderly and disabled on the day.

Ramesh Mistry from SPA Rugby commented on the hugely successful day saying: “The town can be very proud of all its community and volunteers who did a tremendous job in managing this huge event plus it enabled raising the profile of stroke within the Asian community.”