Rugby businessman thanks Rugby First after an attack on his barbershop

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A barber who had his shop vandalised in Rugby town centre has thanked the rangers for their help.

Matt Robinson, owner of Mister Robinson’s Barbershop on Church Street, has thanked the Rugby First Rangers and CCTV operators for their help and assistance following an attack on his premises in late November.

The damage, discovered by Matt as he arrived for work, caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to the business which had only opened in September 2013.

Vandals had smashed the main window and sign using a lump of iron causing extensive damage to interior and exterior paintwork, furniture and stock.

Matt said: “When I arrived at work that morning I was absolutely devastated by what I saw. I was very upset and could not understand why someone would want to do this. A Rugby First Ranger was on site and they helped reassure and calm me down. They also secured and cordoned off the area and started to collect vital evidence and witness information ready to hand-over to the police. There help and support was invaluable, as was their professional and understanding approach which helped me get through what was a very difficult day.”

Matt continued: “Since the incident Rugby First have provided me with security advice and helped me install an up to date CCTV system as well as new improved lighting. All this should help prevent a similar incident happening again and I would like to thank them.”

Aftab Gaffar, Managing Director of Rugby First, said: “We are very proud of our rangers and they have an excellent reputation both in the town and nationally. I was very sorry to hear of the incident at Mister Robinson’s but delighted to hear that the rangers were able to assist Matt and that he was pleased with the help and service they provided. The rangers are highly trained, professional and carry out a range of tasks helping to ensure the town centre is safe, friendly and welcoming.”

If anyone has any information relating to the incident please contact the police on 101 or call Rugby First on 01788 569436.