Rugby clairvoyant Kate Oman says your future is written in the cards

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Medium and clairvoyant Kate, of Lower Street, said she has known she has a gift since she was a small child.

“When I was ten I used to see a little girl in our old house,” she said.

“She didn’t like me being in what used to be her bedroom. Once she tried to push me down the stairs. I actually felt a physical force.”

Kate, a school teacher, had another ‘encounter’ when she went to the Falstaff Experience in Stratford with her partner Richard.

Advertised as one of the most haunted places in the world, the couple were unsure what to expect.

“I went in on my own and a man growled at me,” said Kate.

“It turned out his name was John and I was told he’d raped and murdered a number of women. It made me feel sick.”

It has been suggested by numerous mediums and psychics that the building is home to more than 40 ghosts, which might explain why so many visitors to the museum by day experience things that they cannot explain.

She has also seen ghostly black hands appear in front of her eyes after visiting Dick Turpin’s haunt The Cock Inn at Sibson, near Nuneaton.

The legendary highwayman used the inn as a hideaway.

“I don’t get scared,” she said,

“They can’t hurt you.”

“Not only do I see them, but I am also able to communicate with them to pass messages onto the living.”

I was interested to hear what Kate had to say about my future using tarot cards. Will I marry again? Will I have more children?

Would the many people I’ve lost come through to say ‘hi?’

After a bit of seriously lame deck shuffling on my part, Kate laid out my cards one by one.

She said they were interesting choices.

They included the hermit and the six of swords, which she thought related to a new path in my life that I would do alone.

She said I would be looking for an answer and would go off by myself to find the answer. More swords (which I’ve always believed to mean conflict and strife) and Kate said it related to ideas, knowledge and know -how.

Kate turned over the devil card but reassured me it should not be feared. She encouraged me to think about any bad habits I may have and to learn to control them.

My spread also consisted of the ten of cups and Kate smiled as she told me I’d be ‘happy and complete’.

According to the other cards I’ll be chasing my ambitions early next year and Kate said she could see me writing features for magazines.

She said with hard work and dedication I will get my dream watch this space!

Whatever your thoughts are on clairvoyance, it’s fascinating entertainment that shouldn’t be knocked until it’s been tried.

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Picture shows clairvoyant Kate Oman.

Can you see the ghostly ‘orbs?’