Rugby council launch review of small recycling centres

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Rugby Borough Council has launched a review on the future of its small recycling centres.

It is the reveiwing the kinds of recycling centres in pub and supermarket car parks.

In 1998, the council recycled 1400 tonnes of material that was collected at these small recycling centres.

This was 97 per cent of all of the recycling that was collected that year.

Since then, the council has introduced a kerbside collection of recyclable waste using the blue-lidded recycling bins. The amount collected from bring sites has significantly reduced and as a result last year just 350 tonnes of material was collected from the bring sites.

This is about 3.5 per cent of all of the recycling collected.

It costs more than twice as much to collect recyclable material from a recycling site than it costs to collect it from the kerbside blue-lid recycling bins.

For further information and to respond to the consultation, see

A task group of councillors will consider the responses at a meeting later this summer.