Rugby councillor on national radio: May's Brexit plan is a betrayal and we should listen to Trump

Cllr Parker waits to welcome President Trump to Chequers.
Cllr Parker waits to welcome President Trump to Chequers.

A Rugby councillor appeared on national radio this morning to say she feels betrayed by Theresa May's Brexit plan and we should listen to Trump.

Conservative Cllr for Bilton, Lisa Parker, called into BBC Radio 5 live's breakfast show to praise Boris Johnson, label Theresa May's Brexit plan a betrayal and state that we should 'seize the opportunity' of US president Donald Trump's offer of a trade deal.

Speaking on the PM's Brexit plan, Cllr Parker said: "As a Tory I've never felt like this, I feel personally betrayed and I feel stupid for believing her.

"As a leaver, someone who spent six months campaigning, I believed Theresa May. I'm a Tory, I'm a card-carrying Tory - I believed her, more fool me.

"Because she's had this plan up her sleeve, we're not leaving, it's a complete and utter sell out. And, if it wasn't for Donald, goodness me, who else is going to speak for us?"

"And it won't happen again. I don't care if the party listens to this and throws me out because I can't support this plan and nor can the people of my constituency who voted 57 to 43 out here in Rugby, who will see this as a sell out."

The councillor's comments come after the President told the Sun that the PM's 'soft' Brexit plan would kill Britain's chances of a trade deal with the US.

Cllr Parker said: "Thank goodness for Donald. We should be listening to him but we should also be listening to the people of Britain who've said we want out.

"He's offering us a deal and we should be biting his hand off, not shackling ourselves to a failing EU bloc that is in turmoil, that is turning on itself. We should be looking out. We should be seizing opportunities that Brexit brings us - and that's what he's offering us.

"Is he perfect? Of course he's not. Does he say things that are off colour? Yes he does. But my goodness, he is our ally and I think we should be seizing the moment."

Cllr Parker concluded with: "Come on Boris."

Speaking to the Advertiser afterwards, Cllr Parker said: "I have made no secret of the fact that I see this plan as an affront to democracy and the choice of Rugby. I wouldn't be me if I wasn't prepared to make a stand.

"The amazing Rugby leave team were out in the streets and the people of Rugby told us time and time again that they wanted to be part of a sovereign nation. And we will committed in our work to get it done."

Cllr Parker today travelled to the PM's country residence, Chequers, to welcome President Trump.

Click here to listen to the radio show in full, Cllr Parker begins speaking at around 9 min 45 sec into the show.