Rugby couple celebrate 60 years of love and laughter

Derek and Margaret Mousley
Derek and Margaret Mousley
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A devoted Rugby couple celebrated 60 years of marriage on Thursday.

Margaret and Derek Mousley, from Bilton, were married at St Peter & St John C of E Church in Clifton Road.

The couple met at a dance at the social club near Railway Terrace 63 years ago.

Mrs Mousley worked at Lodges Plugs in St Peter’s Road and was also an assistant at a hairdressers.

Mr Mousley worked as a quantity surveyor in the building trade for 30 years and then joined a company which constructed sports pitches.

The couple have an active lifestyle and enjoy travelling and gardening.

Mrs Mousley said: “I would say Italy was one of our favourite places.

“We loved the people and the area, it’s a lovely culture.

“We loved Croatia as well, it was absolutely beautiful, it really was out of this world.

“We like gardening and we used to go line dancing but we’re a little bit too old for that now!”

The couple have three children, five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Mrs Mousley said: “They come and see us regularly and they all live in the area so it’s nice that we’re in close contact with them all.”

When their children were younger, Mr and Mrs Mousley often went on fishing trips.

She said: “One time I fell into the River Avon. Diane was only young and went running over to Derek shouting ‘Mum’s fallen in’ but he didn’t believe her, he thought she was joking.

“Then he realised I actually had and he ran and jumped in to save me.

“It was very funny. We’ve had a lot of fun times together over the years.”

Mrs Mousley said the secret to a happy marriage was to be there for each other.

She added: “I think it’s about caring for one another and just being there.

“As long as you love each other you can get through anything.”