Rugby couple reach platinum milestone

Connie & Harry Walker celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary.
Connie & Harry Walker celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary.

A COUPLE have celebrated their anniversary after wedding a staggering 70 years ago.

Harry and Connie Walker wed in August 1941, six years after they met in Birmingham. The couple, who live in Brownsover, have spent the last month celebrating their platinum wedding anniversary, which fell on August 23.

Now 94 years old, Harry, a former soldier of Rugby Number 1 Branch of the British Legion, is known for delivering Salutation on Rugby’s Remembrance Sunday services.

He said the secret to a long lasting marriage was being best friends.

He added: “We must be quite a rare couple because we don’t know anyone else who has made it to 70 years.

“We’ve spread our celebrations out over a month so we’ve had time to see everyone and had a great service at Clifton church, who put on a bit of a show for us.

“It was led by Rev David Charles Edwards and it was a very moving day. We’ve also had a card from the Queen, of course.”

Connie, a former model and shop supervisor, added: “I thought the celebration at Clifton was marvellous and we’re still getting visiters calling round now to congratulate us. I think for a marriage to last as long as ours has the couple have to get on with each other, and if there is an argument, make up before you go to bed each night.”

Marilyn Harrett, their daughter, congratulated the pair on their achievement.

“They have always been helpful and inspirational parents to my brother and I.

“They’ve encouraged us and stood by us no matter what and we wish them every happiness for the future.”

She added: “My father saw a lot of action in the Second World War and it took him and his fellow soldiers a lot of guts to push the Germans back as far as they did.

If it wasn’t for people like my dad and the sacrifices his generation made, things could be very different today.”