Rugby Credit Union launches new card

editorial image

Not-for-profit community bank Rugby Credit Union have launched a new alternative to carrying money about.

The new Visa Prepaid Debit Card has been designed exclusively for credit union members and works like a pay-as-you-go Visa card. You ‘load’ money onto the card at your credit union, then use it to withdraw cash from ATMs or make purchases in shops, petrol stations or on the internet wherever Visa is accepted.

The card can be managed on-line or through your mobile phone.

First in line to sign-up for the new card was Rugby Borough Councillor Chris Cade, pictured above receiving his new card from office manager Ami Mistry. Cllr Cade is very supportive of the Credit Union and said: “This card will prove very useful.

“It’s a safe alternative to carrying cash, makes it easy to shop online and is a great budgeting tool, so you never overspend”

To find out more information about the card, or to order one, call Ami on 01788 577900.