Rugby dad ‘happy with life’ before being killed in car accident

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A MARRIED dad was killed when he was hit by a car on his way to work, an inquest has heard.

Richard Kent had parked his Nissan delivery van at the side of the A45 near Daventry at 6.15am on February 14, and for reasons unknown, he got out of the vehicle. In the early morning darkness, he wasn’t seen by Renault Laguna driver Stanislovas Galkus, who hit him.

An inquest at Northampton Magistrates Court last Wednesday heard it was dark and Mr Kent, aged 46, of Harebell Way, Rugby, was wearing dark clothing. The hearing was told Mr Galkus, of The Fairoaks, Northampton, had no chance of avoiding him.

Mr Galkus said: “As I approached I saw a black shape and thought it might be an animal. I then realised it was a person. I started to brake but hit them. I got out of my vehicle and tried to talk to the man. I saw a lorry approaching so I grabbed him by his shoulders and dragged him to the side of the road.

“I was shocked and upset by what happened. There was nothing I could do to avoid the collision.”

The inquest heard Mr Kent had to remortgage his house after a failed business venture. But friend Wayne Smith, of Beckfoot Close, Rugby, said he was “very happy with life.”

The coroner was also told Mr Kent would routinely run his vehicle close to empty, and when it was found after the accident, the fuel warning light was on. A can of diesel was found at the scene, but John Underwood, from Northamptonshire Police’s collision investigation team, said there was no evidence he had tried to refuel the van.

Mr Underwood also said there was no chance for Mr Galkus to avoid the collision. Coroner Anne Pember recorded a verdict of accidental death.