Rugby dance students achieve 100 per cent pass rate in 100 exams

The dancers took 100 exams of various grades
The dancers took 100 exams of various grades

Around 40 talented dancers from Jaide’s Stage Studios Performing Arts took 100 exams and achieved a 100 per cent pass rate.

Jaide Ellery-Martin, principal, said: “All my students have been so supportive and committed since the birth of my little boy

10 months ago, and were so determined to please me that they excelled themselves even more.

“I am so proud they not only did this for me, but they also surprised themselves at the same time with their excellent results.”

Jessica Hardy, 12, is also training under Jaide as a student teacher and took her gold bar freestyle, obtaining a fantastic mark of 91.

Jaide said: “This last year has been one of the most rewarding for me, both personally and for my students who have not only worked exceptionally hard, but who all have a positive vision for their future in dance. Well done everyone, a very proud teacher!”

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