Rugby Disability Forum praises Elliott’s Field parking

Elliott's Field
Elliott's Field

The chairman of Rugby Disability Forum has praised Elliott’s Field for its facilities and parking.

Sue Hillman was invited to meet the developers at the Leicester Road shopping park to see if the area was suitable for people with disabilities.

Despite some complaints referring to an inadequate amount of parking since the retail park opened, Sue, and her husband who is her carer, were taken on a tour of the development before it had taken shape and they were impressed with the developer’s willingness to accommodate different needs.

The retail park has 33 disabled parking spaces, benches outside shops to allow people to sit down, disabled toilets and a shower room.

There is also an attendant in the management suite to help visitors with bus and train timetables.

Sue said: “I personally think that they have gone the extra mile and, as far as the parking problem is concerned, there is always parking at Tesco over the road. Once the novelty of Christmas wears off I’m sure there will be ample parking at Elliott’s Field.

“We were worried that there would be too much walking involved for disabled people, not enough disabled parking space and insufficient disabled toilets.

“I asked for seats to be put alongside the walk way and I asked for them to be spaced at least every seven large strides apart.

“Finally, they have 33 disabled parking blue badge holders bays and we asked that they were placed near the shops and not near to slopes.

“They also have a manager suite which holds a disabled toilet and shower room with ladies and gentlemen’s toilets with a baby changing room.

Sue added: “I think this makes it the first development with a toilet block which is built by the developer’s with disabled in mind. I certainly can’t give them enough praise because on top of this in the same suite there will be an attendant who is there to help you with the bus times and train arrivals.”

Elliott’s Field has a 600-space free car park and houses brands such as Fat Face, Next, Debenhams and H&M.