Rugby Explorer Scouts dominate at Bruntingthorpe

Ed Taylor, from the Rugby Explorer Scouts, took on the six hour pedal car race.
Ed Taylor, from the Rugby Explorer Scouts, took on the six hour pedal car race.

Rugby Explorer Scouts charged home to victory in the annual Bruntingthorpe pedal car race last Saturday, April 23.

Those competing in the under 16s class (PC2) took 1st and 2nd place in the six hour race.

Pedal car racing involves four drivers per car, with regular driver changes taking place very much the same as in endurance sports car racing.

The race at Bruntingthorpe got underway at midday, with the Rugby Explorer Scouts’ two Swebbelli cars rapidly asserting themselves at the head of the order - keeping out of the inevitable early jostling for position between the front running adult (PC1) contenders and setting their own pace.

For much of the first hour the two cars ran in formation, before the more experienced drivers (Alex Brook, Ben Hopkinson, Ben Taylor and David Batty) in the number eight car started to pull clear of their teammates (Ed Taylor, Ethan Lewis, Isaac Robinson and Toby Austin) who were in the number 21 car. The latter were in their first race together as a team.

During the middle third of the race, some of the fast starting teams began to tire as the cars racked up lap after lap on the 415m kart track but the Rugby Explorer Scouts stuck to their game plan by banging in consistent lap times and looking after the cars.

As the race wound to a close, with the class win almost a certainty, a determined push from the drivers in the number 8 car came within a short lap or two of overtaking one of the PC1 runners, falling just a couple of laps short at the end.

As it was, Swebbelli ESU finished 1st and 2nd in PC2 class, and were 8th and 11th overall. They clocked up 318 and 281 laps respectively and took a commanding lead in the season long championship.

The sport is now set to take a break before the cars return to the track for the Shenington 24 hour race on the last weekend of June.

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