Rugby family left homeless after council help ends

MHRA-13-06-12 homeless Jun24''Pictured, Niomi Nelson and her two young children Letroy Tree and Courtey Seven ,been made  homeless and the council won't help them .
MHRA-13-06-12 homeless Jun24''Pictured, Niomi Nelson and her two young children Letroy Tree and Courtey Seven ,been made homeless and the council won't help them .

A RUGBY mum and her two children are homeless after leaving their rented property due to health problems.

Niomi Nelson, 25, packed up and left her three bedroom home after her doctor said cold and damp was the likely cause of her young son’s breathing difficulties.

She too suffered from pneumonia and ended up in hospital.

Niomi, mother to Courtney, seven, and Letroy, three, said: “I’m a homeless single mum with two young children and I just don’t know where to turn.

“I was in a private rented house but we kept getting ill. My son was really bad with bronchial problems and our doctor said it was due to our housing conditions.”

At the start of the year Niomi packed their cases and left the property, which was paid for by Rugby Borough Council.

“I had to get my children out of there,” she added. “Enough was enough and their health comes before everything else.”

She headed to her mother’s home in Frobisher Road on a temporary basis. “There’s just not room,” said Niomi. “I have to sleep on the floor there and my children top to tail.”

The council provided accommodation in three different hotels in Rugby. Niomi said: “I don’t drive so getting my daughter to school and back was a nightmare.

“Hotel rooms have no fridge so I had to store things like milk in the bath. The children have been so unsettled by it all and Courtney’s school work is starting to suffer.”

She said the council can no longer help her and she is afraid of ending up on the streets.

“I was told because I made myself intentionally homeless there is nothing more they can do for me,” she said. “They said it was no longer their problem and said I should go and stay with friends.”

Niomi relies on benefits and is unable to get enough money together for a bond. “So many places don’t take DSS so I’m in a no-win situation,” she said.

“We are back at mum’s but there’s just not enough room for me and my children.”

She has appealed to the council twice but they are unable to help her further. Her mother Janis Warriner said the situation was causing a great deal of stress to the whole family.

“If Niomi had stayed at the house she would have ended up getting in trouble with Social Services,” she said. “Now she hasn’t got anywhere to live and it seems the council has washed their hands of her. It’s such a sad situation. We are all under so much stress and it’s the children I worry about, it’s so unsettling for them. I’m just hoping that someone, somewhere might be able to help us.”

Cllr Leigh Hunt, Rugby Borough Council portfolio holder for housing, said unfortunately there is a very high demand for good quality housing in Rugby, which greatly outstrips supply.

She said: “While we would like to help everybody find their ideal home, we have to prioritise help for those most vulnerable people in our community.

“Where people are able to give up their tenancy and make their own arrangements, they are clearly in less need than others who are not in such a fortunate position.

“There is clear legislation and guidance that we must follow, applying the circumstances of each case.”