Rugby family's fundraiser after dog develops mystery illness

Millie Jones and Gen.
Millie Jones and Gen.

A Newbold woman is trying to raise £2,000 for an MRI scan which could see her dog’s mystery illness diagnosed and treated.

Student Millie Jones and her family took their seven-year-old poodle, Gem, to the vet after they noticed her becoming wobbly and acting strangely.

Miss Jones said: “After a series of tests the vets have told us Gem has a neurological problem.”

The vet believes Gem has a mass on her brain which is causing her the loss of sight in her left eye.

The mass could be cancer or a tumour, but the vet told the family a £2,000 MRI scan would be required before a diagnosis could be made and treatment given.”

Miss Jones, who studies marketing and advertising at Coventry University, said the family’s pet insurance would only cover the cost of an MRI scan costing £3,000 – which the company would pay £500 towards.

The family decided it would be more cost-effective to organise a different MRI scan, which would cost £2,000. Now they have set up a Gofundme page in the hopes of raising the £2,000 .

Miss Jones said: “A lot of family have donated and we’ve managed to raise £390, but we feel we’ve reached a limit and we need to ask more people.

“We adore Gem and love her to pieces and understand this is a very big ask from everyone but she is part of our family.

“Anyone that owns a dog or any pet will understand how much this means to us and the lengths you yourself would go to help them.”

Miss Jones’ two sisters, art graduates Hannah and Molly Jones, are supporting the fundraising by holding a competition whereby some who donate will be picked at random and have custom artworks produced for them.

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