Rugby family’s fundraising drive to save sick Mum

Sue Gemmell.
Sue Gemmell.

A £100,000 fundraising drive has been launched to help save the life of a Rugby mum who has a rare cancer.

Sue Gemmell, 58, has terminal stage 4 duodenal cancer, which has spread to her liver and lymph nodes making it inoperative.

Her daughter, Dee, said: “Mum is a truly loving, caring and kind woman who has already been through so much heartbreak.

“She lost her son Wayne in a car accident when he was 25 and her grandson who was born sleeping. We as a family cannot lose our lovely Mum and Grandma.”

Sue has been given a prognosis of six-12 months and with chemo prolonging it by three-six months.

“That’s if Mum can tolerate it which it seems she can’t, I thought she was going do die in front of me after going into anaphylactic shock from a bad reaction to the chemotherapy.

“We now don’t know what her options are in the UK, there don’t seem to be many. We just can’t stand by and watch her die, it’s so heartbreaking.”

The family has been in contact with a clinic in Germany called the Hallwang Private Oncology clinic, which is leading the way in immunotherapy and integrative medicine, which are seeing previously ‘incurable’ cancers going into remission.

Dee said: “We have had the treatment offer for her first visit and round of treatment including tissue sampling etc which is £50,000 alone and depending on how she responds, more visits may be needed and costs may rise.

“We want to give Mum the best possible chance - not for cure but maybe remission and to prolong her life by years rather than months so she has longer with her family.”

A number of fundraising events have been planned. See Sue Gemmell’s Cancer Treatment Fundraising Page on Facebook. To make a donation, visit