Rugby family’s nightmare after 100 lorries a week keep them awake

The Sekhon family are being disturbed by the lorries
The Sekhon family are being disturbed by the lorries

A distressed family said they are being woken throughout the night by a ‘nightmare’ number of lorries turning within yards of their house.

The Sekhon family, who live next door to the Tripontium Business Centre on Newton Lane, Newton, Rugby, said more than 100 lorries a week are now pulling in to the centre, which offers units of various sizes on flexible terms.

They said the lorries only started arriving three weeks ago when a new distribution company - Montgomery Distribution - moved in. But now Harvey Sekhon is concerned that his children are experiencing some difficulties at Avon Valley School after being disturbed throughout the night and going to school tired.

And his 78-year-old mum has temporarily moved in with a relative in Coventry as the lack of sleep is impacting on her health.

“The house is vibrating at 5am and everyone is being woken up,” he said.

“It’s a nightmare and my mother has even had to move out for a while because it’s so bad. The broken sleep is affecting my children’s education. They are starting to get told off for not concentrating.”

Mr Sekhon said the articulated lorries had torn up the ground and the family were kept awake by the constant stream of vehicles.

“The reversing beepers are incredibly loud and the flashing lights disturb everyone,” he said.

Mr Sekhon said one of the lorries hit his fence during a manoeuvre while his mother was pegging out the washing.

“When a huge lorry smashes into the fence it looks like it is coming at you and it was very frightening for her,” he said.

“I’ve contacted Rugby Borough Council and I’m hoping we will get some help with this situation - we can’t carry on like this. It was suggested that we put up three metre-high fences but this is our home in the countryside and we don’t want to be blocked in,” Mr Sekhon added.

A spokesman for the borough council said: “Following a complaint regarding noise at a premises at the Tripontium Business Centre our environmental protection team has launched an investigation.

“The council has also received two planning applications from Montgomery Distribution in regards to the premises. Both applications will be open to public consultation before they are determined.”

Montgomery Distribution was unavailable for comment.