Rugby family's plea for return of lost cap badge of deceased veteran

A Rugby family are appealing for the return of a cherished Royal Artillery cap badge which belonged to their recently deceased dad and grandfather.

Wednesday, 22nd November 2017, 10:43 am
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 10:58 pm
Mr Farmer during his time in the Army.

Louise Mallott last had her father’s cap badge when she was walking on Railway Terrace opposite the Carlton Hotel at around 4pm on Friday, November 17.

She was taking the badge to be scanned so it could feature on the service booklet for her father’s funeral.

Mrs Mallott is urging anyone with information as to the badge’s whereabouts to either contact the Advertiser or the police.

She said: “The cap badge isn’t worth any more than £5 or £10, but it has huge sentimental value to us.

“That was the badge my dad wore in his beret for all the years he was in the Army.

“It would mean everything to us if we could get the badge back.”

Aged just 15, Dennis Gordon Farmer enlisted in the Royal Artillery in 1945.

He served for 25 years in places such as Germany, Egypt and Tripoli before retiring as a Staff Sergeant in 1969.

He had a colourful career, being an accomplished desert long distance runner and even performed a ‘Dance Over the Swords’ in front of the Queen.

Mrs Mallott said her father spent so long in Egypt he could not adjust to British weather when he returned home, having to wear a camel hair coat to keep warm.

After leaving the army Mr Farmer worked for Macready’s Steel in Rugby.

He died aged 88 on November 7, 2017 and his funeral takes place on Thursday, November 23.

The family spent four hours going door-to-door in the area they believe the badge was lost

Mr Farmer’s grandson, Steven Farmer, reached out to the Advertiser for help to find the badge.

He said the family has so far spent over four hours walking around and knocking on doors in the area they believe the badge was lost.

Mrs Mallott said she understands someone may have the badge and may not have known how important it is to her and her family.

The badge has a gold or brass tone, and depicts an artillery piece with a large spoked wheel.

At the top of the badge is a crown as well as two banners with latin inscriptions - one above the artillery piece and one below.

A reward is being offered for its return.