Rugby firms still in the slow lane of the internet at town business park

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Slow internet speeds are causing frustration at a major business park in Rugby.

Staff at nationally-renowned retail consultanacy Visual Thinking, which advises companies including Disney, Ikea and Sainsbury’s, believe the problem is hindering their work.

BT said that the site is due to be upgraded for superfast fibre broadband as part of ongoing upgrades, but was unable to say when the service will be available.

Cheryl Wright, administrator at Visual Thinking, said: “Our internet speed is abysmal.

“Upload and download speeds are chronically slow. It can severely slow us all down.

Although Rugby’s exchange is connected to fibre optic broadband services, the ‘superfast’ connection has not reached local junction boxes at the Central Park business estate.

Cheryl added: “We’re in a bit of an invidious position whereby we know fibre optic has come to Rugby exchange, but nobody seems to want to get it up to the local green boxes. If they did, we would all be able to benefit from the fibre optic speeds.

“I know the Government has made this commitment to bring broadband to the masses, but it seems a bit of an empty promise.”

A spokesperson for BT said the junction box serving Central Park is due to be upgraded for superfast fibre broadband as part of a £2.5 billion roll-out of the new technology by Openreach, the infrastructure division of BT.

She added: “As survey work is still ongoing, we’re not yet able to say precisely when the cabinet will ‘go live’.”

The spokesperson said that just under 23,000 homes and businesses in the Rugby area were already within reach of the new technology as a result of the investment programme, with over 23,700 more in line for future upgrades.

Openreach is due to start introducing the technology to nearly 10,000 homes and business in the Dunchurch area later this year.