Rugby First awarded £10,000 for marketing campaign to help boost trade

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Rugby First has been awarded £10,000 from Warwickshire County Council to help boost trade.

Six Warwickshire groups are to receive funding towards their initiatives to create footfall and vibrancy in town centres and give a boost to the local economy.

In the fifth round of funding bids for Warwickshire County Council’s Operation Footfall money, a total of £65,341 has been granted to business groups, partnerships and organisations to deliver events and schemes which will boost the local economy.

As part of the county council’s Going for Growth drive, Warwickshire organisations are being invited to apply for up to £30,000 from a £400,000 pot for initiatives which will increase visitor numbers to an area.

In Rugby, the successful bid was:

Rugby First which was awarded £10,000 to develop and promote a themed marketing campaign for a Love Rugby Valentine Day promotion. This will promote Rugby’s independent businesses. When a customer spends an amount in a participating business, they will be given a chance to enter into a grand draw.

Cllr Alan Cockburn, Warwickshire County Council’s Deputy Leader and cabinet member for economic development, said: “We have to look at every way we can to encourage people into our town centres to do their shopping, go to cafes, bars and restaurants and stimulate the local economy.

“This round of applications has seen a wide range of applications which will help make our town centres a more attractive proposition to visitors and help us to make information more accessible and useful. We have looked at how we can help to offer whatever might encourage people to come to our town centres.

“This latest round has seen grants awarded for a spring extravaganza, a theatre performance, an innovative business directory complete with survey on how businesses are performing, a Valentine’s Day promotion to encourage spending at local businesses, a vibrant community arts pop-up shop in empty shop premises and a tourism website enabling people to check on everything happening in the area.

“It is far more beneficial to the local economy to encourage money to be spent with local businesses. Far more of the money stays locally that way and Operation Footfall encourages that.”

Submissions that were not selected at this stage will receive help and advice from specialist council officers to examine ways of achieving their aims through other means.

Operation Footfall, a key part of the county council’s Going for Growth agenda, is open to business community groups – large and small - to apply for grants to deliver a diverse range initiatives to encourage footfall. The closing date for the next round of applications is July 1.