Rugby florist Sue comes up smelling of roses for Charlotte Bronte anniversary celebrations

Sue in the school house.
Sue in the school house.

A Rugby florist has come up smelling of roses after a day of celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of celebrated novelist and poet Charlotte Bronte.

Sue Ainley, who owns Garden Gate Flowers, joined nine other florists in the village of Haworth, West Yorkshire, to make floral installations.

“It was just wonderful to spend the day with such a talented group, using an amazing range of locally grown flowers and foliage,” she said.

“I already use as many British flowers as possible in all aspects of my work and this unique experience has certainly reinforced my belief that British is best.”

Working from the Old School Rooms where Charlotte taught, the ladies spent the day using British grown spring flowers to create floral displays in celebration of Charlotte Bronte, author of Jane Eyre.