Rugby footballer with broken leg left on pitch for two hours waiting for ambulance

Marcus Galstin had to have a steel rod and four pins put in his leg
Marcus Galstin had to have a steel rod and four pins put in his leg

A man who broke his leg while playing football had to wait on the pitch in agony for two hours before an ambulance turned up.

Marcus Galstin, who lives in Hillmorton, said he was in a lot of pain and unable to move at Whinfield Rec after the accident last Sunday.

Marcus, an electronics engineer who plays football for The Bell, said: “I knew it was a nasty injury because I couldn’t move because of the pain.

“It got very cold on the pitch and I’m just thankful it wasn’t raining.”

An hour after receiving the injury, a first responder arrived at the scene and pain relief was given to Marcus.

“I was waiting for an hour before anyone came,” he said.

“They gave me gas and air which helped a lot.”

Marcus, who is married to Helen, was then left on the field for another hour before the ambulance turned up to take him to University Hospital, Coventry.

“I had to have a steel rod and four pins in my leg and will be off work for a while,” he said.

“I am an understanding person and I was glad the ambulance turned up, I just think two hours is quite a long time.”

Marcus’ mother-in-law Mary Watts said: “I was horrified to learn my son-in-law was still lying in pain on the cold damp grass with very little to keep him warm.”

She said problems started when Rugby lost its ambulance hub earlier this year. It has been replaced by two ‘stations’ in the town.

A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service 999 calls have to be prioritised.

“A paramedic called the patient back at 12.45pm to reassess the situation and advise of the delay.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t until 1.16pm that a rapid response vehicle arrived with the ambulance arriving at 1.56pm.

“We apologise to the patient that it took longer than we would like to get to him, but we must prioritise life threatening cases.”