Rugby Free Primary School offers places to its first set of students

Headteacher Susan Milewski
Headteacher Susan Milewski

Rugby’s first ‘free’ school offered places to 60 reception pupils last week.

Rugby Free Primary School is set to open in September at the iKon building, situated within the Central Park development, in the north of the town.

The school’s headteacher Susan Milewski, who started in post this month, said: “Since the application deadline in January, our team has made a huge amount of progress.

“Our funding agreement has received ministerial approval, which confirms the opening of the school at our fabulous building in Bailey Road, Central Park, and has enabled us to make formal offers.

“We have appointed a phenomenal team of highly qualified teachers who will work closely with the Rugby Free Primary School team to finalise arrangements for September.

“With a ratio of one qualified teacher for every 20 pupils, parents can be reassured that their child will receive a first-class education and will benefit from the individual support and full attention of our experienced and dedicated teachers.

“We look forward to welcoming our first cohort of Reception pupils in September.”

Applications to Rugby Free Primary School are in addition to the usual local authority process for this year only and parents who are offered a place at the new school have an additional choice of primary school.

Parents can add their children to the waiting list by filling in an application form at

The school will be independent but state-funded.

Students attend for free and the school is non-selective.

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