Rugby friends set to star in Avon Lady commercial

The friends who star in the Avon advert.
The friends who star in the Avon advert.

Two friends from Rugby are made up after being selected to appear in a television commercial from more than 400 hopefuls.

School friends Carrie Twining and Beci Clish, both 33, have beaten the competition to star in the new TV campaign.

The women lost touch over the years and had no idea they still lived so near to each other until their friendship was rekindled through their mutual love of beauty and joining Avon Cosmetics.

They are both now sales leaders with the company.

Beci said: “We were completely overwhelmed to be chosen to be part of Avon’s latest advertising campaign, #WorkItYourWay.

“We love the fact that Avon is using real Representatives. Avon is the original social network and still going strong, we want to spread the word to more people that Avon could be the perfect career choice for them and a way to make new friends. I know I am a really positive role model for my children, my son and daughter already call me their celebrity mummy which is just lovely to hear.”

Beci added: “I even get to meet inspiring celebrities and do crazy things that I never in a million years thought I would like star in TV ads!

“Becoming an Avon Representative was the best career move I’ve ever made.”

The advert demonstrates realism featuring the stars of the company - the independent Avon Representatives.

The chosen five demonstrated a flair for being in front of the camera as well as a life story deemed to be relatable to the many loyal Avon customers.

Ranging from an entrepreneurial woman who runs her Avon business alongside her cleaning company, to the young woman who promotes Avon’s products through social media selfies, the friends epitomise many of Avon’s core brand values.