Rugby girl, 10, campaigns to get MP to change his mind on fox hunting

Isabelle Moors is hoping to change Mark Pawsey MP's stance on fox hunting
Isabelle Moors is hoping to change Mark Pawsey MP's stance on fox hunting

A ten-year-old girl is campaigning to get Rugby’s MP to change his mind and vote to save the Hunting Act.

Determined Isabelle Moors, from Rugby, has helped drum up more than 1,700 signatures on a petition so far.

She sent a letter to Rugby MP Mark Pawsey - who has said he would vote to remove the hunting ban - claiming that it was ‘cruel’ and the animals should not be ‘ripped apart’.

The Hunting Act came into force in February 2005 and controlled the hunting of wild animals with dogs and prohibited hare coursing.

In her letter Isabelle said: “I am going to tell my friends about what you are going to do as I think you are wrong and you should think about your decision to allow dogs to rip them apart and call it a sport.

“I do not understand why people think it is fun to destroy animals in such a horrible way.

“You said that the hunting ban is ‘detrimental to animal welfare’ but I think getting dogs to rip them apart is detrimental to their welfare so I am going to campaign to make you change your mind.

“If enough people in Rugby vote to save the hunting act, please will you rethink your decision and listen to them?”

She added: “The people of Rugby Elected you and I learned during the General Election that you are supposed to represent us.”

Mr Pawsey said: “I appreciate the strong feelings that many people have on this issue and I share my constituents’ concerns for ensuring the welfare of all animals. I also know that people will hold different views on this matter and I fully respect this.

“However, I do not believe that the Hunting Act protects wild animals and if Parliament is given the opportunity to repeal it I would vote for repeal. I believe that in many cases the Act has been shown to be detrimental to animal welfare as other methods of control are now being deployed, several of which can be indiscriminate.”