Rugby grandma reunited with 60 years of precious photos thanks to Facebook

Michael, Irene, Martin and Andy Watts
Michael, Irene, Martin and Andy Watts

Irene Watts thought precious photos of her family were gone for good when she moved home 20 years ago.

Pictures of her wedding to husband Les, who sadly died a few months after they left their Lower Hillmorton Road home, were among those seemingly gone forever.

But then the power of social media came into play.

It all started when the house was cleared by a man named Bob Jeffers who believed them too important to throw away. He passed them on to Carole Fallen who offered to try to locate the owners.

Among them was a postcard to Irene from eldest son Andy and his wife and children on holiday in Scotland.

A photo of a darts presentation was put on Facebook and spotted by Ann Berry, who is the sister of Irene’s now partner Alec Claydon, who remembered the story of the missing photographs, and at last they were back where they belonged.

Irene said: “It’s marvellous to have got them back. With my husband being so ill when we left I thought they would have been chucked out.”

From now on Irene won’t be letting them out of her sight. She said: “I keep trying to put them in order and sorting through them – we are going to put them in an album.”

Son Andy said: “Everyone in the family is delighted to have them and we have spent hours going through them. Highlights are many but include mum and dad’s wedding, photos of mum’s side of the family from County Durham in the 1930s, dad’s brothers in the forces, dad in the 1950s St Andrew’s Rugby teams and at work on the railways in Rugby.

“There are many photos of myself and my two brothers thought lost forever.

“There are photos of my mum and Aunty June outside Worthingtons in Lawford Road where they worked and dad dressed as Father Christmas visiting people in hospital.

“A big thanks to Carole, Facebook and of course Bob who I’ve have not been able to thank myself.“