Rugby homes and businesses affected after explosion causes power cut

The power cut was caused by an explosion on Albert Street
The power cut was caused by an explosion on Albert Street
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A bar had to turn people away from its open mic night after a power cut which affected 488 properties forced it to close.

London Calling, on Castle Street, Rugby, was forced to cancel the event as it was unable to use its fridges, lights or amps.

Co-owner of the bar, Feisal O’Neill, said he heard an explosion before the power went out.

He said: “I was working behind the bar and I heard a really loud explosion then the power went off.

“It turned out everyone on the street had lost their power.

“I went to find out what was going on and there were some electrical workmen on Albert Street right next to James Street and there were police, fire engines and an ambulance so it was obvious it was something pretty important.

“I asked one of the contractors what had happened and he said that one of his colleagues had been taken to hospital with flash burns to his face and arms but they didn’t know how serious it was.

“I hope he’s ok.”

Mr O’Neill said the bar’s closure cost the business a significant amount of money.

He added: “We lost a night’s trade but our biggest concern was the food stock as that may have perished. We’re waiting to find out what the situation is and whether we’re able to claim compensation if necessary.”

The Rupert Brooke Wetherspoon pub on Castle Street was also affected by the power cut.

Manager Jo Longden said the incident could have cost the pub thousands.

She added: “Our biggest problem was the fact that we had more than £2,000 worth of food in the fridges and freezers. I was on the phone for three hours ringing round trying to get it sorted out.

“It was an absolute nightmare.”

The pub managed to continue trading using a calculator and notepad rather than the electronic till system.

Ms Longden added: “We lost a lot of money last night, it was peak trading time for us and it definitely had an affect.

“Thankfully all the food is ok as the big walk-in freezer can last without power for several hours so we didn’t lose everything like I thought me might.”

A spokesperson for Western Power Distribution said: “The incident affected the power of around 488 properties in the area. The majority had their power back on within 15 minutes as engineers were able to re-route the power supply.

“Just over 100 properties had their power back on in stages throughout the evening.

“The situation is being investigated and it looks like there was an injury but there is no further information available at this time.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the power cut.”