Rugby is the right place for landlord according to town agent

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Rugby is a good place to be a landlord, according to Edward Knight Residential Lettings.

With continued increasing demand for rental properties,lettings manager Simon Robotham believes the town is ideal for those wanting to let.

He said: “There are many reasons people chose to rent. A large percentage of the tenants we deal with don’t come from Rugby, but are choosing to move here for work purposes or our reputable schools. With many major road a railway links to bigger towns and cities, Rugby represents a good commuter base for many tenants.

“With house prices on the increase, renting is a viable long term proposition that enables people to live where and in what they desire. The benefit to this is good, long term tenants who want to call their rental property home for as long as possible.”

Simon added: “So far into 2014, demand is as strong as ever with the supply of rental properties running low.

“Many new properties coming on to the market have just been bought by investor landlords, but without continued investment I can see the stock levels continuing to be out-stripped by demand.”

For more information, visit Edward Knight Estate Agents at 14 Regent Street, Rugby or call on (01788) 543222.