Rugby Labour: Amazon must provide decent wages and working conditions in new warehouse

Dr Debbie Bannigan, Rugby's Labour parliamentary candidate.
Dr Debbie Bannigan, Rugby's Labour parliamentary candidate.

Rugby Labour’s parliamentary candidate will write to Amazon in a hope the company’s plan for a warehouse in the town does not end in ‘horror story’ jobs.

Dr Debbie Bannigan said she welcomed the news that Amazon will soon begin recruiting for 400 jobs ahead of the opening of a warehouse on the Rugby Gateway Estate.

But she said: “With quality jobs at risk elsewhere in the town, Rugby people need new opportunities. But it’s essential that the jobs created by Amazon provide decent wages and working conditions”

“We’ve all heard the horror stories of warehousing and fulfilment companies placing unreasonable expectations on their workers while paying minimum wage and offering zero-hours contracts.

“I hope that Amazon want to do better for the people of Rugby, so I am writing to them, asking for assurances that they will do the right thing, offer permanent contracts and at least the living wage for their employees”

Jack Dromey MP, shadow minister for Work and Pensions, said: “Whilst we welcome new jobs to the West Midlands, it’s vital that they are the secure, well-paid jobs that people in Rugby need.

“Amazon are a global giant and they can and must pay their share of tax and operate a gold-standard of employment practice. However, and unfortunately, Amazon have consistently fallen short.

“It’s great news that Debbie Bannigan, as Labour’s candidate for Rugby, is speaking up and asking for assurances from Amazon about the types of jobs that will be coming to Rugby.”

Stefano Perego, Amazon’s Director of UK customer fulfilment, said: “We are thrilled to begin recruitment for 400 new permanent roles in Rugby with competitive wages and comprehensive benefits starting on day one.”

Amazon has started recruiting for a range of new roles for the fulfilment centre, including operations managers, engineers, HR and IT specialists.

Recruitment for the Amazon team in Rugby who will pick, pack and ship customer orders will begin in the coming weeks.

Mark Pawsey, MP for Rugby, said: “I was very pleased to learn that such a substantial and well-known business such as Amazon had chosen Rugby for its new fulfilment centre and that in time it will provide 400 permanent jobs, and opportunities, for local people.

“The decision demonstrates the ever-increasing strength of our thriving local economy and the confidence that business has in our


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