Rugby licensee’s lip split after attack from angry punter

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A man who hit a Rugby licensee over the head with a bottle after being refused entry to a private party has been granted bail.

But a judge warned Nadeem Janjua not to consider that to be an indication of the sentence he will receive for the attack, which left his victim’s lip split open.

Janjua, 42, of Murray Road, Rugby, pleaded guilty at Warwick Crown Court to assaulting the licensee at Bar Verve, causing him actual bodily harm.

Prosecutor Neil Bannister said that on September 3 last year Mr Malik had arranged a private 21st birthday party for his son and 35 invited guests in the basement at Bar Verve.

The party began at 10pm while the bars on the ground and first floor of the bar in North Street, Rugby, were still open for normal business.

As the party continued into the early hours of the following morning, Janjua and two other men walked in uninvited.

The licensee’s son became aware of their presence and asked them to leave, at which the three of them went to see the licensee, who was still in the bar on the ground floor.

The licensee says he was asked to allow them to go in - but he refused, explaining that it was a private party.

At that, without warning, Janjua punched him in the mouth, causing him to fall backwards, twisting his knee. The next thing he could remember was heading to the kitchen area with blood all down his shirt.

But a CCTV camera in a hallway showed Janjua dragging him on his knees out of the bar and then hitting him to the head with a Budweiser bottle.

Janjua struck his victim a second time before his two friends grabbed hold of him and bundled him out of the door and into the street.

The attack was reported to the police and a town centre CCTV operator was informed and was able to track Janjua and direct the police to where he had gone.

Meanwhile, the victim was taken first to St Cross hospital in Rugby before being transferred to University Hospital in Coventry because of a ‘significant split’ to his upper lip, which was gaping open.

He needed 14 stitches to the inside and outside of the lip to repair the 1.5cm wound, said Mr Bannister.

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be prepared on Janjua, who the court heard had a conviction for assaulting a police officer as well as old convictions for violence, and he was granted bail.

But Judge Richard Griffith-Jones warned him: “You must not consider the fact I am giving you bail as any sign of the sentence you will receive.”