Rugby man gets down on one knee to propose at Warwick Folk Festival

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She loves the Warwick Folk Festival; he would do anything to prove his love for her. So, what better way to ask for her hand in marriage than before an audience of 2,000 at this year’s festival?

Scott Tavinor, who had spent a year planning his dramatic proposal, did just that. Having spent months volunteering to deliver presentations at work and at church to build up his confidence, the 31-year-old got down on one knee to declare his love for girlfriend-of-three years, Caroline Sampson, and offer her an engagement ring.

Thankfully, Caroline, a life-long folk festival fan who met Scott at the 2010 event at Warwick School, said ‘yes’.

Speaking afterwards, Scott, who lives in Rugby with Caroline, said: “I was terrified as I am not used to being on stage. For the past six months, I have been preparing by doing a lot of public speaking to make sure I didn’t stutter or make a fool of myself. I had to build up my confidence.

“I was offered a lot of wine before going up on stage!”

The pair first met at a pub quiz when Caroline, who lived in Manchester at the time, was in the Midlands to visit friends and her family, who live in Brinklow.

Scott, who works at an Argos factory, said: “I fell for her instantly. I asked her what she was doing at the weekend and she told me she was stewarding at the Warwick Folk Festival. So I went along on the Saturday.

“I only had a day ticket, but was enjoying myself so much, I didn’t want to go home. So even though I had to be at work for 4am on the Sunday, I stayed until 3am and went straight to work from there. I thought hanging out with Caroline was more important than getting sleep.”

The couple had a long-distance relationships for six months, but then Caroline, who was training to be a teacher at the time, moved to Warwickshire to be with Scott.

He said: “At last year’s folk festival, there was a moment when I was watching Caroline listening to the music and the sun was setting and I thought, this is the perfect place to ask her to marry me. But I had to decide how I was going to do it, so I gave myself another year to plan it.

“The Sampsons used to run a folk club in Brinklow and are friends with the organisers of Warwick Folk Festival. It’s a big part of Caroline’s life - she has been going since she was four years old.”

After arranging to ask his big question on stage, Scott finally did it on Sunday night. He said: “It was the first time I have seen her rendered speechless. She couldn’t speak! Then she was crying her eyes out.

“Everyone was really happy for us. I was really pleased that Warwick allowed me to do it.

“She would have known how scary this would have been for me. I wanted to let her know how much she means to me. I cannot imagine my life without Caroline.”

The couple plan to tie the knot next year - and a 2014 folk festival wedding may well be on the cards.