Rugby man on new ITV game show dressed as Einstein

Brian Peters is one of the contestants in ITV's new game show, Bigheads NNL-170413-162241001
Brian Peters is one of the contestants in ITV's new game show, Bigheads NNL-170413-162241001

A fitness-mad Rugby man will be dressing up as Albert Einstein in a series of gruelling, physical challenges against a similar Donald Trump and Mo Farah in a new ITV game show.

Brian Peters is one of the many contestants on the inaugural series of Bigheads, which sees people donning giant replica heads of celebrities and competing against each other.

The 45-year-old father-of-three from Hillmorton got through auditions of around 5,000 applicants and believes his healthy lifestyle helped his cause.

“I was up against a boxer who was aged 22 so I thought I did pretty well considering my age compared to the other contestants,” he said.

The ‘Bigheads’ compete against each other in a series of massive celebrity-inspired challenges, with contestants transformed into a range of celebs, from Adele to William Shakespeare.

Comedian Jason Manford hosts the show with Olympian Kriss Akabusi and TV personality Jenny Powell commentating.

The six-part series is filmed in front of a live arena audience, culminating in a grand finale in the final episode.

Brian described it as a cross between Ninja Warrior and It’s a Knockout, and said it was much harder than it seemed, despite his experience of competing in numerous ultra marathons of 40 miles.

“When you watch it, it looks quite comical but it’s actually very physically demanding,” he said.

“The head was very heavy, very cumbersome and it’s you through the stages and you have to wear a fat suit which adds to it.

“Plus the heads have very small gaps to look through, which made it quite claustrophobic.”

The passionate runner, who runs three miles to work at Cemex everyday, cannot reveal how far he progressed, so you will have to watch to find out.

“It was very enjoyable, not something I have done before but I loved it and I’m looking forward to seeing myself on the TV,” he said.

Brian is due to feature in the first episode at 7pm on ITV tonight (Sunday, April 23).