Rugby man’s fitness quest after life-changing brain injury from car crash

Adrian, Marie and Ben
Adrian, Marie and Ben

A Rugby man who trekked the Inca trail as part of his recovery from a brain injury caused by a car crash has spoken out about the power of physical activity in helping people with serious injuries get their lives back on track.

Adrian Wright was left with memory loss, anxiety issues and difficulties with organising tasks after his accident in 2006. He also suffered serious physical injuries to his skull and leg which left him in a coma immediately after the crash.

I feel now that I have a purpose

Adrian Wright

Adrian trekked the Inca trail last year and recently appeared at an event at Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office - the legal team that secured hissettlement - together with his support worker, Ben O’Malley, to talk about how important physical activity has been in his rehabilitation.

Adrian and Ben discussed the principles behind Monkey-Box, the fitness support plan that has helped Adrian to overcome a number of obstacles he faced following his accident.

They were joined by instructor Marie Collis.

Adrian said:“Creating Monkey-Box with Ben has given me a new challenge to replace the work environment I lost due to my accident.

“I feel now that I have a purpose. I don’t know what I would be doing now without Monkey-Box and it’s great to be able to help people who deal with individuals who have a range of complex needs due to injuries understand the challenges we can face in day-to-day life and the range of different activities that can help recovery.”

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