Rugby man who had 10 years to live loses 9st

Mr Lister before his weight loss.
Mr Lister before his weight loss.

A Rugby man who was told he had ten years to live has lost nine stone after deciding he wanted to be fit and able to play with his future grandchildren.

Stephen Lister, who weighed 22 stone, was in hospital with pneumonia when a doctor told him he would have ten years to live if he did not lose weight.

Mr Lister after his weight loss.

Mr Lister after his weight loss.

After leaving hospital Mr Lister, 46, was on around 12 tablets a day for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and indigestion, and attending doctor appointments every three to six months.

He still struggled to find the motivation to take action – until a conversation with his daughter about when or if she had children gave him the drive to change his lifestyle.

Mr Lister said he didn’t want to be a grandad who was unable to play with his grandchildren due to being overweight.

He joined WeightWatchers online group, which supported him in his nine-stone weight loss.

Mr Lister said: “I love all foods and with Weight Watchers you really can eat and drink everything, and because you are Pointing it helps you to control the amount.”

He said he loves the support he gets online, knowing there is always someone who can help with any questions he may have and to help cheer him up when he has had a bad day.

Losing weight has boosted Mr Lister’s confidence – to the point he has started a chauffeur business.

He said: “I’m a nervous and shy fellow but the weight loss has helped me build bridges and come out of my shell once again.

“The business is in its early stages, but tiny steps which are all going in the right direction.”

Mr Lister now weighs under 14 stone for the first time in 15 years. He said his weight loss has greatly improved his health.