Rugby moggie Bonnie back on her feet after dog attack

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Bonnie the cat is recovering well after she had to have her leg amputated after being attacked by a dog in October

The family adopted Bonnie after they found her injured on the street with a severe head trauma and a facial deformity affecting her mouth, nose and eyes.

Bonnie the cat was attacked by a dog and has ended up having one of her legs amputated.

Bonnie the cat was attacked by a dog and has ended up having one of her legs amputated.

Jenny Burrows, Bonnie’s owner, said: “Bonnie is thought to be around two years old and has been through so much in this short time. When we took her into our home Bonnie and our five-year-old son Lucas soon became inseparable.”

In October Bonnie became injured after being attacked by a dog.

Miss Burrows said: “Bonnie had numerous wounds but the worst was her front right leg. My partner Rob rushed her to the vets who performed emergency surgery to stabilise Bonnie.

“She came back to us three days later with metal plates in her leg and a very sorry look on her face.”

The family soon discovered that Bonnie’s emergency surgery had been unsuccessful and was told she would need her full leg amputated.

The cost of Bonnie’s treatment has meant Miss Burrows and her partner cannot get married next year as planned because of the cost of on-going care.

She said: “The wedding will not be able to go ahead due to our huge vet bill, which is currently over £2,000. We just can’t afford this amount but at the same time we can’t have our well-loved pet put to sleep.”

The family launched a GoFundMe page to help cover Bonnie’s on-going treatment and have so far raised £1,175.

Two months after the attack Bonnie is now getting used to only have three legs.

Miss Burrows said: “Bonnie is doing very well and is getting used to having only three legs. We went through a period where she kept walking backwards and falling off the furniture, but she seems to be over that now.

“She has been happily eating all her food and has even been playing with our Christmas tree. We are still very hesitant to let her venture outside but are thinking about blocking the back garden off so she can’t go too far.

“Our son Lucas is very happy to have Bonnie back and she gets lots of cuddles. Despite only having three legs she is able to run and jump to climb onto the windowsill. She has put back on all the weight she had lost from the stress of the incident.

“We are still very upset this happened and are struggling financially over Christmas due to vet expenses. In total we made £1,175.00 towards our fund, this is just amazing and has helped us out greatly.

“Rainsbrook vets have been fantastic and we can’t thank them enough for saving Bonnies life.”