Rugby MP Mark Pawsey speaks up in House of Commons housing debate

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RUGBY has a very positive attitude to new housing developments, according to MP Mark Pawsey.

Mr Pawsey spoke in a debate in the House of Commons last week on housing where MPs from all parties spoke about how additional housing is so badly needed to home the next generation and to boost the economy.

Speaking during the debate, Mr Pawsey said: “I am proud to say that in my own constituency of Rugby we have a very positive attitude to housing development and we recognise the need to grow to provide accommodation for new households”.

After the debate Mr Pawsey said he was delighted to be able to speak in the debate about housing.

He said: “The development of housing projects is crucial to boost our economy with every £1 spent on construction generating a total of £2.84 in economic activity. Development of homes is a great investment and I am glad that the Government is backing it.”

He added: “I was also glad to have the opportunity to tell Parliament that we in Rugby understand the importance of house-building for the local economy. I mentioned local developments at the Gateway and MAST sites during my speech, and the Minister praised these types of developments as good examples of the projects this country needs. I am very confident of expansion taking place in Rugby, and I hope that we can act as a template to other areas of the country in the importance housing can play in boosting the local area.”