Rugby MP speech in House of Commons: economy comes first

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ECONOMIC growth and the manufacturing sector should be the Government’s top priorities, Mark Pawsey MP said in the House of Commons last week.

Mr Pawsey said in the Commons debate about the Queen’s speech: “I was pleased to see that the very first sentence of the Queen’s speech referred explicitly to economic growth, the second sentence referred to the need to reduce the deficit, and the third sentence referred to the need to reduce the burden on business caused by regulation.

“All those things together show clearly that the Government’s number one priority is to get our economy growing once again, and right now nothing is more important.”

Figures released this week say that unemployment fell 43,00 in the first quarter of this year.

The MP, who ran a small business in Rugby for 25 years before he was elected, said after the debate: “I know full well the pressures businesses are under daily across Rugby and across our country. Because of this I wanted to take the opportunity to promote on the floor of the House of Commons initiatives that will assist them.”

He added: “Under the last Government, manufacturing as a proportion of the economy almost halved but this Government is working hard to get this crucial industry moving again to boost our economy.”