Rugby MP voices concerns at opposition to second entrance at University Hospital

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Rugby MP Mark Pawsey has expressed concern over objections raised about the creation of a second entrance at the back of University Hospital in Coventry.

The second entrance is intended to ease the ever increasing traffic congestion around the hospital by creating a second entrance for staff.

Worried neighbours in the area have said they fear it will move the existing traffic problem elsewhere.

Mr Pawsey said: “Rugby residents prefer to attend the Hospital of St Cross, and I am fully supportive of the services offered at our local hospital, but they also realise that on occasion they may have to attend UHCW for treatment.”

Mr Pawsey said that since his election as the town’s MP many constituents have complained about traffic congestion around the hospital, particularly during rush hour.

Mr Pawsey said: “I have always sought assurances from the hospital that this issue would be addressed and now that it appears that things are moving in the right direction it is concerning that these objections have been raised.

“Traffic congestion around the hospital is clearly a problem and one which is getting worse. Many of my constituents have complained about being unable to access the hospital, and then park, when they have an appointment despite leaving ample travel time. Some have even missed appointments.”

Mr Pawsey added: “A solution must be found to tackle this problem which will not adversely affect local residents near the hospital but will allow people attending the hospital for medical care to arrive for their appointments on time and with as little distress as possible.”