Rugby MP who backed PM's suspension of Parliament responds to calls for him to apologise

Mr Pawsey (file image).
Mr Pawsey (file image).

Rugby Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate has called for MP Mark Pawsey to apologise for backing the Prime Minister’s suspension of Parliament.

Boris Johnson said his proroguing of Parliament was done to “bring forward a new bold and ambitious domestic legislative agenda for the renewal of our country after Brexit”.

The move outraged critics - who suggested that shutting down Parliament for five weeks had been done to prevent MPs from thwarting a No-Deal Brexit.

Mr Pawsey defended the PM’s move, previously stating: “It is not unreasonable, and certainly not unconstitutional.”

But the Supreme Court has since concluded that the prorogation was unlawful.

Labour’s Dr Debbie Bannigan said: “He has been proved wrong, so I call on Mark Pawsey to apologise to his constituents.”

Pete McLaren, of Rugby’s Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), has called on Mr Pawsey to: “Admit that he was wrong and that Boris Johnson was wrong in the first place.”

Mr Pawsey responded, stating: “In recent weeks I have spent a great deal of time on doorsteps talking to Rugby and Bulkington residents.

“Time after time people have told me that they want the Government to implement the result of the 2016 referendum as was promised, leave the European Union, and then get on with the bold and ambitious domestic agenda set out by the Prime Minister.

“Following the ruling of the Supreme Court, Parliament will now return and I will continue to support the Prime Minister in his efforts to secure an exit deal with our European partners which delivers on the referendum result.

“However, if Parliament remains deadlocked as it has been for the past three years, we will need a General Election and Labour should not continue to run away from the verdict of the people on their recent actions.”